The 11 marked cycling routes cover the entire surface of the Piatra Craiului National Park and have 3 degrees of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult. The cycling routes travel through forest roads and tourist paths connecting the most beautiful places to visit, forested areas or meadows, the villages of Măgura and Peştera, running on asphalt only over short distances, for this reason it is recommended to use mountain bikes (MTB).

You can download the cycling routes in gpx format from

Among the 11 cycling routes whose length reaches 290 km., 9 have as starting point the National Center for Tourist Information and Promotion Zărnești.

The degree of difficulty of the routes is marked by colors:

blue – easy,

red – medium,

black – difficult

The route number is written on the color background.

Route 1. Zărnești - Plaiul Foii Chalet

The easiest route with a length of 22 km. (round trip), it takes place entirely on an asphalt road, offering a special perspective on the steep northwest of Piatra Craiului.

On the route you can stop at the Piatra Craiului National Park Visitor Center.

Altit. min., average, max .: 714, 770, 844 m.

Total ascent / descent: 207 m. -83 m.

Maximum inclination: 17.4% -9.2%

Average inclination: 2.7% -2.2%

Route 2. Zărnești - Colțul Chiliilor Hermitage - Zărnești

The route is difficult, on a length of 12 km., being recommended to those with experience, because it has single-trail sections on narrow paths with boulders and roots.

Altitude min., Average, max .: 714, 813, 1045 m.

Total ascent / descent: 376 m. -376 m.

Maximum inclination: 27.5% -32.5%

Average slope: 6.0% -6.1%

Route 3. Zărnești - Bran Castle

An easy, 12 km long route developed on an asphalt road through the villages of Tohănița and Predeluț, at the foot of Măgura Saddle, and in front of the panorama of the Bucegi mountains, it represents a healthy alternative to reach the famous Bran Castle.

Min. Altitude, average, max .: 706, 759, 812 m.,

Total ascent / descent: 162 m. -123 m.,

Maximum inclination: 21.6% -13.9%,

Average inclination: 3.5% -2.9%

Route 4. Zărnești – Prăpăstii – La Table – Șaua Joaca – Peștera – Măgura – Zărnești

About 25 km. of medium route with spectacular landscapes, but also with sudden ascents or descents, with rocky areas that require attention. Crossing the spectacular gorges, the image of the ridge of Pietrei Craiului is worth the effort.

Altitude min., Average, max .: 720, 1033, 1439 m.,

Total ascent / descent: 1113m. -1113m.,

Maximum inclination: 55.7% -46.0%,

Average inclination: 8.0% -8.1%

Route 5. Zărnești - Prăpăstiile Zărneștilor - La Table - Dâmbovicioara - Ciocanu - Șirnea - Peștera - Măgura - Zărnești

A difficult route, due to the level differences, but also to its length of 41km., being the longest route in the park. The road runs through areas of great beauty, to the south of the massif, to the villages: Dâmbovicioara (where you can visit the famous cave, the only one designed for visitors in the national park), Ciocanu and Șirnea - the first tourist village in Romania.

Min. Altitude, average, max .: 720, 1056, 1397m.,

Total ascent / descent: 1742 m -1741m.,

Maximum inclination: 38.2% -31.2%,

Average inclination: 6.9% -6, 9%

Route 6. Zărnești - Prăpăstiile Zărneștilor - La Table - Curmătura Groapelor - Șirnea - Peştera - Măgura - Zărnești

Although it is a route of medium difficulty, it is very varied along its length of 35 km. crossing rocky areas, but also with short, steep climbs, but the wonderful landscape that is revealed to us is worth the whole effort: the ridge of Pietrei Craiului or the rural landscape of Peştera, Șirnea and Măgura villages.

Min. Altitude, average, max .: 720, 1083, 1452m.,

Total ascent / descent: 1515 m. -1505m.,

Maximum inclination: 43.5% -47.8%,

Average inclination: 8% -7.9 %

Route 7. Zărnești - Măgura - Moieciu de Jos - Măgura - Zărnești

With a length of 31 km. the route crosses the villages of Bran, presenting a long asphalt section, but in certain sectors with tight turns, especially at the descent, which requires attention. On the route you can make a stop at the Bat Cave (undeveloped - light source required) in the village of Peștera.

Altitude min., Average, max .: 720, 940, 1190 m.,

Total ascent / descent: 1053m. -1053m.,

Maximum inclination: 32.1% -32.1%,

Average inclination: 6.3% -6.2%

Route 8. Zărnești - Măgura - Valea cu Calea - Măgura - Zărnești

A short distance of about 24 km. of the route is compensated by the difference in level. The route will test the technical skills of cyclists due to the steep slopes and rain-soaked slopes, as well as the crossings over streams courses. The crossing of the Valea cu Calea piedmont offers a wonderful image of the Piatra Craiului - Bucegi area.

Altit. min., average, max .: 720, 894, 1061 m.

Total ascent / descent: 799 m. -799 m.

Maximum inclination: 33.9% -33.9%

Average inclination: 6.2% -5.9%

Route 9. Zărnești - Prăpăstiile Zărneștilor - Curmătura Chalet and return

Carried out over 22 km. (round trip) is probably the most difficult route due to the difference in level, but it is also the most approached by more experienced bikers, due to the sensations offered. The route has two steep sections, which are a challenge for cyclists, but the landscape and the descent to Zărnești are the reward of the effort.

Altitude min., Average, max .: 720, 1024, 1452 m.,

Total ascent / descent: 1241m. -1241 m.,

Maximum inclination: 56.6% -56.6%,

Average inclination: 9.9% -9.9%

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Choose your bike route according to your level!

The cycling map with the complete information can be found near the Zărnești Tourist Office or you can buy it from the office of Piatra Craiului National Park Administration.

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