Piatra Craiului, a massif of great spectacularity, offers visitors unique landscapes, housing a multitude of habitats and protected species. Biodiversity is represented by forests, endemic species - "Garofița Pietrei Craiului" and various fauna: insects, birds, mammals (black goat, brown bear, wolf, lynx).

The most attractive area is the limestone ridge, 20 km long with altitudes over 2000m (Vf. La Om- 2238m.)

Of the 42 visiting routes, most have as their starting point the city of Zărnești, this being the most important town for access to the northern part of the massif.

Prepare your mountain equipment, take the map and choose one of the routes of Craiului, discovering the Zărnești Gorges, Curmătura Chalet, Piatra Mică Peak, the ridge of Pietrei Craiului, Zaplaz or Marele Grohotiș!

The most visited hiking routes in Piatra Craiului massif are:

1. Zărnești town - Fântâna lui Botorog - Poiana Zănoaga - Curmătura Chalet

Marking: yellow band, route duration (hours): 2h 30 - 3 hrs., difficulty: medium

2. Zărnești town - Prăpăstiile Zărneștilor - Curmătura Chalet

Marking: blue band, route duration (hours): 2 - 3 hrs., difficulty: medium

3. Zărnești town - Prăpăstiile Zărneștilor - La Table

Marking: red cross, route duration (hours): 3 - 4 hrs., difficulty: easy

4. Zărnești town - Valea Crăpăturii - Șaua Crăpătura - Curmătura Chalet

Marking: yellow band, route duration (hours): 3 - 3:30 hrs., difficulty: hard

5. Zărnești town - the road to Plaiul Foii - Colțul Chiliilor Monastery

Marking: blue band, route duration (hours): 1 hr. - 1:30, difficulty: easy

6. Zărnești town - Plaiul Foii Chalet

Marking: red band, route duration (hours): 3 hrs., difficulty: easy

7. Zărnești town - Colții Chiliilor - Diana Refuge

Marking: blue band, route duration: 2 - 3 hrs., difficulty: medium

8. Zărnești town- Peștera Village

Marking: red band, route duration (hours): 1:30 - 2 hrs., difficulty: easy

Find all the marked hiking routes on https://www.pcrai.ro/tourist-trails 

and https://muntii-nostri.ro/en/routes

Download Piatra Craiului hiking map 

*The hiking map of the Piatra Craiului Mountains (edited by Munții Nostri) can be purchased from the headquarters of the Zărnești Tourist Information and Promotion Center (12A Dr. Tiberiu Spârchez Street, Zărnești)



For guided tours in Piatra Craiului National Park you can contact:

*Grind Adventure

Tudor Vladimirescu St., No.4,  Zărnești,


E-mail: grind.adventure@gmail.com 

*Asociația Montană Azimont 

13 Decembrie St., Zărnești 

Tel. +40722417666 

E-mail: carpathianpath@yahoo.com

*Rucksack Mountain Guides

Mare St., No. 194 ,Zărnești

Tel. +40745335025 

E-mail: marian_anghel@rucksack.ro  



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