How to get to Zărnești


It is easy to travel to the foot of Piatra Craiului by personal car or public transport, which ensures a fast connection with the city of Brașov, the main tourist destination of Romania.

By car:

Road access is achieved by:

DN 73 (and then DN 73A) - from Brașov (25 km) or Pitești (120 km)

DN 73A - from Predeal (36 km) and Poiana Mărului (7 km), Șercaia (38 km)

DJ 112H - from Bran (7 km) through Predeluț- Tohănița

DJ 112G - from Măgura (7 km) and Peștera (12 km)

DJ 112E - through Tohanul Nou - Tohanul Vechi coming from Râșnov (15 km) or Bran (10 km)

By bus:

The means of public transport ensure a direct connection with the municipality of Brașov (through the town of Râșnov), the starting point being Autogra 2 Brașov, respectively with the commune of Moieciu (through the resort of Bran).

See the bus time schedule

By train:

The railway access is made on the secondary line 203 Brașov - Zărnești (28 km), Zărnești station being the head of the line

See the train time schedule


If you are traveling with a pet, check out the pet friendly accommodation.

You can take your bike on the train! There is storage space, but check at what time!

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