How to get to Zărnești


It is easy to travel to the foot of Piatra Craiului by personal car or public transport, which ensures a fast connection with the city of Brașov, the main tourist destination of Romania.

By car:

Road access is achieved by:

DN 73 (and then DN 73A) - from Brașov (25 km) or Pitești (120 km)

DN 73A - from Predeal (36 km) and Poiana Mărului (7 km), Șercaia (38 km)

DJ 112H - from Bran (7 km) through Predeluț- Tohănița

DJ 112G - from Măgura (7 km) and Peștera (12 km)

DJ 112E - through Tohanul Nou - Tohanul Vechi coming from Râșnov (15 km) or Bran (10 km)

By bus:

The means of public transport ensure a direct connection with the municipality of Brașov (through the town of Râșnov), the starting point being RATBV Bartolomeu terminal Brașov, respectively with the commune of Moieciu (through the resort of Bran).

*See the time table for buses Line 140 Zărnești- Brașov 


*See the timetable for buses Zărnești-Bran-Moieciu route

By train:

The railway access is made on the secondary line 203 Brașov - Zărnești (28 km), Zărnești station being the head of the line

See the train time schedule


If you are traveling with a pet, check out the pet friendly accommodation.

You can take your bike on the train! There is storage space, but check at what time!

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