Piatra Craiului National Park- Visiting Center

It is an imposing wooden construction that you cannot miss on the way to Plaiul Foii, with a distinct architectural shape that reproduces the outline of the Piatra Craiului massif, the traditional shingle cladding of the area being used for the roof of the museum.

Opened in 2016, the visitor center is an exhibition space, which combines the paths in the park with information, being based on interactive techniques, three-dimensional models and exhibits related to the area's biodiversity.
With the help of touch screen devices, visitors can see landscapes from Piatra Craiului and learn all the necessary information about the flora and wild animals that live here, but also about the rocks that make up the massif. In the visitor center, an artificial barn was set up so that visitors can see what it looks like on the inside, as well as an artificial cave where there are bats and other insects that live in this environment.

The whole interior of the center is arranged to simulate the idea of ​​rock as best as possible, so visitors will have the feeling that they are right on the mountain. In addition, the special effects with thunder, lightning or chirping birds will bring the visitor even closer to the beauty of Pietra Craiului.

The visit center of the Piatra Craiului National Park is made as a circuit route, which once traveled provides information on the geology, geomorphology, vegetation and fauna of the area, tourist routes and local communities.

The information transmitted interactively attracts visitors, regardless of their age. LED monitors and screens provide useful information, and 3D models, sounds, molds, offer unique experiences.

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Address: Topliței Street, no.150, on the way to Plaiul Foii area

Tel: +40268 223 165


Rates:  Adults - 5 lei     Teens(under 18 years old) - Free     National Park access fee payers - Free

If you come with a group, it's recommended to tell the park administration in advance!

Art Camp

It hosts courses and workshops of fine arts (painting, sculpture, decorative arts), being also an exhibition area with the sale of traditional or modern art objects created especially by children.

Address: Branului Street, no.19,

Tel: +40771 470 650


Visiting the exhibition is free!
The camp organizes many free courses!

Ethnographic Museum "Casa Zărneșteană"

Housed in a traditional local building, set in the 19th century, the museum houses a rich private collection of traditional objects, household items, pieces of furniture, fabrics and carpets specific to the Zarnesti area.

Address: Ion Creangă Street, no.12,


The museum is only open in season! For information visit the Tourist Information and Promotion Center in Zărnești

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