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Geography and climate


Zarnesti is located in the south-west depression "Barsa" on a plain-looking golf, slightly wavy along the creek Barsa and stream Turcu, in the area where the depression extends constituting a kind of groove joint between the rivers Ghimbav and Barsa and that ran up under the foot of the Piatra Craiului Mountains. At the end of this extension of depression is located buildable area of ​​the city, which is 25 km from Brasov and 11 km from the city Rasnov. The area of ​​influence of Zarnesti overlap almost entirely mountainous. After the documentary record, the age of the settlement dates back to 13th and 14th centuries, during the German colonization in Transylvania, Banat and the County of Barsa.

Zarnesti is bordered to the north with the village Sinca and the village Poiana Marului, to the north-east with the village Vulcan, on the east with the town Rasnov, in the south with Bran and Moieciu, in the south-west with Arges County and the on the West with Hârseni town.

The administrative component:
- Neighborhoods: Zarnesti, Tohanul Old Cellulose, blocks Tohan Zarnesti South, New Tohanul village, hamlets: Pleasa and Tohan and the new neighborhood of homes Brebina.

Geomorphology territory
Zarnesti spans three geomorphological units: Brasov Depression (depression Bay Tohan Zarnesti) internal curvature Mountains (southern Persians) and the Carpathians (Piatra Craiului)



The climate of Zarnesti is typical of a transitional sub-mountainous climate, with average air temperature in the hearth lower than Barsa plain village, about 7-8 ° C, while in the high mountainous area temperature varies with altitude between 0 and 4 ° C.
Changes in mean air temperature during the year, with annual amplitude of 18,9ºC (Fundata station) and 19,4ºC (station Predeal) prints a continental climate character to the territory.

Hydrographic network
The hydrographic network of Zarnesti territory belongs to the upper basin of the river Olt. The hydrographic network is made up of brooks: Barsa, The Great River, the Apple Valley and their tributaries.