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Originally called Zernești or Zârnești, Zarnesti is a small town at the foot Piatra Craiului Massif, in Brasov County.
According to archaeological discoveries it seems that here soldiers from the 13th Legion Gemina were buried here since Roman times. The first documentary reminiscent of Zarnesti dates from 1373, as the Zarn. In 1395 the town is mentioned as "possessio regalis Zerne". Other important names which appear after 1437 are: Zerna, Villa Czern and Zernyest.
The city Tohan, which today is part of the city, was first documented in 1294, ranking among the oldest settlements in Romania which kept a national unaltered fund.
In 1951, Zarnesti was declared town, and Tohanu Old town was a part of it. In 1968 New Tohanu entered in the configuration and the town of Zarnesti.
Due to the diversity of topography around the territory, the main occupations of the people of Zarnesti was practicing professions related to agriculture and animal farming until not many years from now. The industrialization process of the settlement began around 1800, with the establishment of manufacturing, then the paper mill in 1852 (“Cellulose” Today "Celohart - ECOPAPER"), the armories works "March 6" in 1936. This caused the village to change type from one predominantly rural to urban one.
Zarnesti is nowadays booming, the absence of jobs does not represent a major problem anymore. Tourism has begun to develop and the trend is a good one in terms of the future city.