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The church "Saint Nicholas" is the oldest church in the city, the old medieval art monument inscribed in the heritage of the Romanian Academy. The great historian NicolaeIorga believed that the church, which was built on the site in 1515 and then was repaired in 1810 comes from ancient times, from a Roman prince. It seems that the original church was quite of small dimensions. As the number of residents was increased by approximately five times, the size of the church was unfit for its purpose. In the late seventeenth century the church was finished, being stuck in the narthex of the chapel. The reports transmitted orally, village elders said that after the battle of 1690 in Zarnesti, the Tartars burned the village, and there has not been left standing after that fire nothing but the new church, whose walls of brick and stone remained in place. It is believed that to the ascension of this place a helping handwould have been given, by a prince of the Romanian Country, respectively Constantin Brancoveanu's predecessor, Serban Cantacuzino.