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Opened in 2016, the Visitor Center is an exhibition space that combines information trails in the park, based on interactive techniques, three-dimensional layouts and exhibits related to the area's biodiversity.
With touch screens, visitors can see the landscapes of Piatra Craiului and find out all the necessary information about the flora and wild animals that live here, but also about the rocks that are combined in the massif. Visitors can also make a virtual tour of the tourist trails, everything with a simple hand movement. An artificial stall has been set up in the visitor's center to allow visitors to see what they look like on the inside, but also an artificial cave where there are bats and other insects living in this environment. The wild animals can be admired on the route that runs through the visitor center. These can not only be seen but also heard, which brings a spectacular element and is certainly a great attraction for the little ones. The interior of the center is designed to simulate the idea of rocks as much as possible, so visitors will feel right on the mountain. In addition, the special effects of thunder, lightning or chirping of the birds will bring the visitor even closer to the beauty of Piatra Craiului Mountains.
The center also has a Piatra Craiului 3D layout and a walkway that tourists can climb to admire from above as if they were on the mountain at high. Also on the walkway can be projected pictures from Piatra Craiului, geological information and habitat, but also tourist routes. Everything is with a touch screen command. Practically the visitor can design what map he wants to see and they can virtually admire the entire Piatra Craiului massif.

Contact: +40268223165
Address: 150, Topliţei Street, Zarnesti, Brasov

The updated operating program of the Piatra Craiului National Park Visiting Center can be accessed at


The house accommodates in a residential building from the nineteenth century, a rich collection of traditional objects, household items, traditional furniture, fabrics and carpets specifics from the Zărnești area.
Contact: Mrs. Moraru, +40268222019


The museum is arranged in the national art camp "Fekete Gabor", is a sale-exhibition space with modern and traditional artworks exhibited both outdoors and indoors, also offering free art courses.
Daily program: 9:00 - 20:00
Contact: Artist Fekete Gabor, +40771470650, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: 19, Branului Street, Zarnesti, Brasov