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Situated on the tourist route between Zarnesti and PlaiulFoii, in the Piatra Craiului Massif, CornerSanctums Cave has a length of 15-20 meters and goes down slightly in the depths of the mountain.
In the past, the cave was quite often used to officiate religious ceremonies, one can observe the cavern walls smoked by candles and torches. In the consciousness of the local people, the cave had a special place, and it was considered to have an unusual power over the waters.
Therefore, it is no wonder that the cave is the place of prayer during the floods or drought, or the place where they came to “ask” to "find water" when they wanted to digg wells.
At present, even if no services are held in the cave, locals still come to pray and light candles too.
• National Road (DN) 73A to Zarnesti and here you have to follow the trail Zarnesti – PlaiulFoii.