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"Libearty” BEARS Reservation in Zarnesti

Far from the "civilization", in the heart of a genuine wilderness, there is a place where there are beautiful specimens of bears which live in peace in the bears Reservation in Zărnești.

The Reservation “Libearty” is the first natural reservation for captive bears in Romania. It covers an area of 70 hectares of lush forest, streams and ponds located in the territory of Zărnești. Currently the number of bears is 79.

Most bears were rescued from a cruel and abusive life in captivity. Every bear in the reservation has an impressive story.

Any visit here at the bear sanctuary in Zărnești, can be an adventure.

To visit the reservation, you can take a Freedom train ride, which makes several stops along the way where you can see bears from a few meters and you can take pictures.

Visitng Schedule 1st November- 31th March 2021:
The bear reserve can be visited as follows: Tuesday- Sunday, only 2 guided entrances at: 10:00 and 11:15
* Rates depending on the season, for more details visit or the official website of the Sanctuary

*Contact: +40268471202, +40722533895

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. web:

Recommendations: * Buy your tickets online to avoid crowds training, or the risk of no longer finding tickets on the spot.

* Children under 5 are not allowed in the sanctuary due to safety reasons!

Tickets can be purchased ---

The Libearty Bear Sanctuary is not a ZOO!

Location: Zărnești outskirts, on the way to Brașov, 9 km away from the city center of Zărnești.