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Piatra Craiului Massif

Piatra Craiului Mountains, is a limestone mountain range located in southwestern Carpathians, which belong to the Carpathians chain, finding them in the northeast.
This mountain range looks like a ridge individualized, serrated, 25 km long, like a huge prehistoric animal loins. This picture is best seen from the Rucar - Bran belvedere point situated above the village of Bran, where there is a special designated parking. On one side of the aisle are distinguished the BucegiMountains, while on the other side the crest of the Piatra Craiului can be seen.
The maximum altitude of Piatra Craiului is reached at the peak La Omu, known as The Shepherd Peak, with 2237 m, but Massif has numerous peaks which are over 2000 m altitude, PadinaPopiipeak(2.025 m), Vf. Ascuțit (2.150 m) peak,Vf. Timbalul Mare (2.177 m) peak, Varfuldintre Timbale (2.170 m) peak, Vf. Sbirii (2.220 m) peak, Vf. CăldăriiOcolite (2.202 m) peak.

The vegetation here is less rich in species due to almost absolute preponderance of limestone. However, there are unique species of flora and fauna in the world, such as The Carnation of the Piatra Craiului. Other protected species are the Yellow Gentian and Edelweiss.
Among the animal species found here include chamois, declared monument of nature, deer, boar, Carpathian bear, lynx, fox, wolf, and squirrel.
Piatra Craiului Massif is the main basis to the most beautiful tourist routes. If you come here you can practice: climbing, horse riding, and mountaineering in the wildest areas in Europe that is the Piatra Craiului Mountains, where the wild animal population is very large. Specific activities in Piatra CraiuluiMountains area: walks with horse-drawn carts to nearby villages Maguraor Pestera, or the so-called bird watching can be practiced in the Gorges of Zarnesti or nearby.
Zarnesti is the main entrance gate allowing access to the park in the north - northeast and northwest of the mountain. From Zarnestithere are two main access routes to the park. One is to PlaiulFoii(to the northwest) and the other by the Gorges of Zarnesti–to Curmătura lookout point - "La Table" (to the northeast).

• Brasov RasnovNational Road (DN) 73 to National Road (DN) 73A and thence to Zarnesti and in Zarnesti on marked trails.
• in Sibiu SercaiaNational Road (DN) 1 to National Road (DN) 73A and thence to Zarnesti and in Zarnesti on marked trails.