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Carved into spectacular rock walls over a length of approximately 2 km, the Gorges of Zărneştilor is characterized by a monumental due to vertical walls or even bend over whites, with heights exceeding 200 min some places. In this area, the temperature drops a few degrees because the sun hardly ever penetrates the gorges, only a few hours per day, which provides opportunity to relax and rest in the cool weather offered the gorges in the summer.
The access is from the town Zarnesti and Pestera. The cabin Curmaturais located near the gorgean important starting point shifts to Piatra Craiului Massif. Those who come here will be impressed by the sights of the Cave (The Great Cavechasms, The Small Cave chasms) and several springs, like the Fountain of Botorog and the GentlemenFountain.
The walls bordering the valley have a height ranging between 100 and 200 meters. The route through the Gorges of Zărneşti impresses with its spectacular rock walls where there were built numerous alpine routes. The view can be admired from afar, fromZarnestiand Pestera. Covering the gorges you reach the place called "La Table" one of climbing spots on the Piatra Craiului peak.
• National Road(DN)73A to Zarnesti and here County Road(DJ) 112G, to theFountain of Botorog, then after 100 meters the road splits, one before the gorges and the other to the village of Magura.