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Far from the urban agglomeration, in the full silence of the forest, tourists have the chance to listen to the nature, wild animal noises, and even safely follow the dangerous ones from specially arranged shelters.

 The forests of Piatra Craiului are the ideal habitat of the great carnivores, like bears, wolfs, lynx, deer and, on the rocky areas to see the black goat (chamois).

The rich bird population, represented by 111 species identified in the area of ​​Piatra Craiului National Park, is an ideal resource for bird watching lovers.

Tours are organized by travel agencies specialized in such activities:


  • Transylvanian Wolf- specialized in bear/ wolf tracking and watching, birds and flowers watching. The trekking starts from Zărnești city center, in front of the Tourist Office.
  • Prices: 60 euros/ person- 3 hours tour at the observatory- bear/ wolf tracking and watching.

Address: Mitr.Ioan Meţianu Zărneşti str., Tel: 0744319708,, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    • Absolute Nature- specialized in bear/ wolf / lynx tracking and watching. The tour starts from Brasov city center and transfers to Zarnesti – Piatra Craiului Mountains area for wildlife watching.
    • Prices: 45-50 euros/ person- - 3 hours guided tour

    Address Zorilor Street 2 / B / 7 Zarnesti, tel: 0788578796,, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Bears observation at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary

    Visiting the Libearty Bear Reserve. It is the largest reserve of brown bears in the world, representing the largest animal welfare project in Europe. Here, on 70 ha. have shelter approx. 100 brown bears saved from captivity. Most bears have been saved from a cruel and abusive life, each bear in the reservation having an impressive story. Any visit here to the bear sanctuary at Zarnesti can be a real adventure.

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