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Hiking trails

Piatra Craiului, a spectacular massive, offers visitors unique scenery, sheltering a multitude of protected habitats and species. The biodiversity is represented by forests, endemic species - "Garofita Pietrei Craiului" and various fauna: insects, birds, mammals (chamois, brown bears, lynx, wolfs).

The most attractive area is the limestone ridge, 20 km long, with altitudes over 2000m (At Om-2238m.).

Of the 42 hiking trails, the one in the Zărneşti Gorge, a 4 km long canyon, with walls up to 200 m high, attracts the most tourists and is accessible all year round.

In the area, guests can choose to take activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, climbing and mountaineering, skiing, sky gliding, observation of flora and fauna, carriage rides and picnic.


Piatra Craiului National Park - The hiking trails in the protected area of Brasov county:


  1. Town of Zarnesti - Refuge Diana – Brâna Caprelor 1960 m - Cabana Curmătura 5-6h, Blue Band Braşov County Council Braşov
  2. Diana Refuge - Padina Popii Peak – Ascutit Peak2156 m 4-5h, Blue Triangle, Braşov County Council Braşov
  3. Town of Zărneşti - Crăpătura Valley - Crăpătura Saddle 1620 m - Cabana Curmătura 2-3h, Yellow Band, Braşov County Council Braşov
  4. Padina Hotarului - Piatra Craiului Tower 1 ½ -2h, Blue Cross, Brasov County Council Braşov
  5. Padrina Şindrileriei - Piatra Craiului Tower 3h, Red Cross, Braşov County Council Braşov
  6. Chalet Plaiul Foii - Spirlea Refuge - La Lanţuri - Grindului Saddle 4-5h, Red Band, Braşov County Council Braşov
  7. Town of Zărneşti - Botorog Fountain - Curmătura Valley - Curmătura Chalet 2 ½ -3 h,Yellow Band Braşov County Council Braşov
  8. Town Zarnesti – Pestera Village 1 ½ -2 h Red Tape Brasov County Council Braşov
  9. Town of Zarnesti – Zărneşti Gorge - Curmătura Chalet 2 ½ - 3 h, Blue Band Braşov County Council Braşov
  10. Town of Zarnesti - Zărneşti Gorge - La Table 3-4 h, Red Cross County Council Braşov Braşov
  11. Poiana Zănoaga - Piatra Craiului Mică Peak 1816 m - Crăpătura Saddle - Cabana Curmătura 1 ½ - 2h Blue point Brasov County Council Brasov
  12. Cabana Curmătura - Poiana Vlăduşca - La Table 1 ½ - 2h Red Triangle Braşov County Council Braşov
  13. Chalet Folea - Zărneşti's Gorge - Valea Cheii - Cottage Curmătura 2 - 2 ½ h Yellow Triangle Braşov County Council Brasov
  14. Chalet Plaiul Foii - Curmătura Foii – Saua Funduri 5-6 h Blue triangle Braşov County Council Braşov
  15. Curmatura Chalet - La Om 2239 m – Saua Funduri 9-10 Red Point Brasov County Council Braşov
  16. Sat Şirnea – Podul Dâmbovitei 2 ½ - 3h, Blue Cross County Council Braşov Braşov
  17. Sat Şirnea - Spărturi- Seacă Valley - Grind Refuge 2 ½ - 3h Red Triangle Braşov County Council Braşov
  18. Sat Şirnea – Curmătura Gropilor ½ - 1 h,Red Triangle Braşov County Council Braşov
  19. Bran - Casa Folea (Pestera) - Toancheş - Măgura Mică - Botorog Fountain 6-7 Red Tape Braşov County Council Braşov
  20. Bran – Casa Folea (Pestera) - Pietrele Valley – Saua Joaca - Vlăduşca Saddle (La Table) 5-6 h Red Cross Braşov County Council Brasov
  21. The ridge route - Făgăraş - connection Piatra Craiului over 23 h Red band County Council Argeş Argeş
  22. Curmătura Chalet-Padinile Frumoase-Ascutit Peak 2-2 ½ h Blue Triangle Braşov County Council Braşov
  23. Bran – Culmea Magurii - Botorog Fountain 4-4 ½ h, Red Tape Brasov County Council Braşov
  24. Tohăniţa - Măgura Saddle - Măgura Village - Botorog Fountain 3-3 ½ h Blue Triangle Braşov County Council Braşov
  25. Curmaturii- Poiana Curmatura - Cab. Curmatura (educational route) 1 ½ - 2h Yellow point Brasov County Council Braşov
  26. Podul lui Calinet - Orlovski Spring - Sperantelor Refuge – Ascutit Peak 5-5 ½h, Red Triangle Braşov County Council Braşov


  1. Tourist routes in the protected that area closed in winter:

Route From where it starts Where the Marking ends

1 Padina Hotarului -Abrupt entrance -Turnu peak,, Blue cross

2 Padina Şindrilăriei- Branch to the Diana Refuge- Turnu Peak, Red Cross

3 Brana Caprelor- The Diana Refuge- Saua Padini, Blue Tape

4 Padina Popii- Diana Refuge- Peak Padina Popii, Blue Triangle

5 Chains- Refuge Spirlea -Saua Grindului, Red band

6 Lehmann-Cabana Curmatura- Saua Padinii Inchise, Blue Tape

7 Padinile Frumoase- Cabana Curmatura, Blue Triangle

8 Grind-Baciului -Peak Refuge- Grind Peak Baciului, Red tape

9 Spirlea- Saua Funduri- Spirlea Refuge- Saua Funduri, Red tape

Blue triangle

10 Saua Funduri – Poaiana Lespezi, Blue triangle

11 Creasta Pietrii Craiului- Saua Funduri- Saua Crapaturii,  Red point



The entrance fee implementation period is: 1st of May – 31st of October

Sightseeing tariff:

Ticket for 7 days = 5 lei

Season ticket for 1stof May–31st of Oct = 20 lei

*Exceptions from the payment of the entrance fee are:

- children under 14 years

- local people

To buy a ticket:

  1. Use the blue ticket machines from the Zarnesti Post Office (12A Tiberiu Spirchez Street), from Piatra Craiului National Parc Viziter Center (Zarnesti, 150 Toplita Stret) or Plaiul Foii Chalet.
  2. From the National Park

    site at the section

Getting to the Piatra Craiului National Park

  • walking
  • by car / taxi to Botorog Fountain, approx. 15 lei
  • cycling on marked cycling routes

Suitable for:

  • families with children
  • people with disabilities
  • adults

Source: Piatra Craiului National Park Administration,

More information along with the online map of the tourist trails in Piatra Craiului can be found at